Free Album: White Denim // Takes Place In Your Work Space

Austin-based indie rockers White Denim are kicking off a huge tour this fall while being backed by none other than the Manchester Orchestra. To coincide with the tour they’ve released a stellar new EP titled Takes Place in Your Work Space, the best part being it’s available for free download right off the internet. Jump the link below to snag some more info on this new EP from White Denim along with the actual DDL, some press photos and hi-res cover art! 

Download: White Denim // Takes Place In Your Work Space 

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SBTRKT - “Fried Eggs” (Japanese Bonus Track)

This here is Fried Eggs by acclaimed UK musician and producer SBTRKT. It appears as a bonus track on the Japanese release of his self-titled debut album. I found this track to be quite the departure from the normal fare you’d find in the rest of the album. While what you’d find on the album has more of a post-dub and soulful flair to it, Fried Eggs has a more upbeat electro kind of sound going on. No matter which style you prefer though, it’s always great to hear new material from SBTRKT! 

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ROSTAM // Don’t Let It Get To You

Vampire Weekend founding member Rostam Batmanglij has been exploring the solo side of his career for a little while now. Don’t Let It Get To You is the second single to be released of his solo work, the first being the stellar 5 minute track Wood. Rostam’s solo project is seeing him deviate away from the more traditional African sounds that Vampire Weekend fans have grown accustom to, and it sees him exploring more of the Eastern side of music. Even so, Rostam has delivered to us two incredibly beautiful songs that have gotten extremely hyped out for a debut, solo album by him. 

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video: Gauntlet Hair // Keep Time

Experimental indie rockers Gauntlet Hair drop a new music video for their track Keep Time, a single off of their 2011 debut, self-titled album. The above video was directed and produced by the Wooden Lens group, and you can grab your own copy of Gauntlet Hair’s debut album which is out now via Dead Oceans.

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Baths // I Just Saw (Raleigh Moncrief Cover)

Will Wiesenfeld, aka Baths, has decided to cover the track I Just Saw which is originally made by fellow Anticon member Raleigh Moncrief. It sees Will exploring his vocal talent in a more direct way, as opposed to drowning it out with a lot of effects like what was more common with his earlier releases. What comes out is a cover that’s a lot more mellow and downtempo than the Moncrief original, but it’s nonetheless another great addition to Baths’s catalog. 

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